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Best yet Powerful Light Browser to Your Smartphone

There are many browser apps in smartphones, but this time, we will introduce you to the light browser. Then before we begin, maybe you have questions pop up in your mind such as; what is light browser and why will this be good for your smartphone?

The light browser is another variant that focuses on how it will get what you need faster, but at the same time, it will not bother your smartphone. For example, if you open many tabs on Chrome or Mozilla Firefox apps on your smartphone, it will decrease the smoothness of the smartphone and even the browser itself. Moreover, if you use limited data bandwidth, it will eat a lot of KB or even MB just for opening one or two websites.

So, for them that need to avoid getting lag, save their bandwidth, and less and quick browser, light browser come to accommodate the need.

1. Opera Mini
Mobile web browser is developed by the Opera Software AS Company released on November 24, 2014. Now the browser has been developing exclusively for Android and IOS.

What to like about this browser
- Opera Mini will compress a web page with the ratio of almost 90% and it will increase the transfer speed by two to three times.
- Opera Mini also use fewer data. So, if you use limited bandwidth, we recommend you to try this mini browser.

What problem I encounter
- Sometimes, some web pages fail to open whenever we visit interactive sites, where it does not show properly.

- However, this problem comes from the compression of the web pages method itself. For now, even this problem sometimes bother me even nowadays many web pages and sites has tried their best efforts to adapt to the mobile user.

- If we want to read or just do quick research without thinking about the interface of the web pages, Opera Mini still consider one of the best mini or lite browsers when it comes to mobile.

Features that rarely often get used: block ads, video download (cannot be used in YouTube), night mode, and multi-tab)

2. UCWEB Mini
A browsing acceleration was released on August 25, 2015. Using fast delivering and presentation of web pages by compressing web pages on the server, and preloading pages in the background.

What I like about this product
- This has add-on platform so you can add or remove add-on like as you please. This has similarities function with the desktop browser.
- You can personalize the browser through the available theme.
- It has powerful ad block

What things to bother 
- This browser has many ads in home screen and sometimes pop up on the notification bar.
- Put additional features in it thou it is very important, but when it is used too much, it will bother user that need cleanness.

Feature that to like: Night mode, data saving, and add block.

3. Firefox rocket
Firefox rocket is a light but has many features that let the user share and browse quickly even on slow connections.

What I like so far
- This browser actually impresses me a lot as it is fast and light, and also has many features to enrich user experiences.
- Use Firefox as an optional light browser for those two above reminds that it does not need huge space on the smartphone.

What I think can be improved
- To think the interface still confusing, especially to find multi-tab and search, this browse only uses an image to represent that.
- The placement of multi-tab on the bottom screen makes hard to refind late browse pages too, somehow, memorize it.

Feature that to like: Turbo mode, block Image, screenshot

That’s three light browsers that you can try.

photo by: Johan Larsson

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