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Tips to Free up Your Smartphone Internal Memory Space

We never realize when the internal memory of our smartphone becomes nearly  full.  Then, when "storage space running out" notification pop up on notification bar, we realize we must clear our internal memory.
So, to fix the problem, today we will help you to get rid of that annoying notification.

1. Choose lite version
Some apps actually has lite version, which use ram less then the original version. The lite version is created to accommodate people who actually want apps which run fast, and it is not heavy for our smartphone system. If you rarely use that apps, or you just use the basic features of that apps. We recommend you to choose the lite version instead.
Lite apps only offer you the basic features of its original version. So, choose it if you does not dependent to that apps, or it is not your primary apps. 
2. Regularly clear cache
Cache is used by the smartphone to save some apps data, and helps to access the data faster. However, cache sometime takes too much space on internal memory so we need to clear the cache.

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After you clean cache, you will notice a huge different on internal memory usage, cause cache will always exist, and it will bigger as you add apps and browse surfing the internet.
so we suggest to do it regularly. 
3. Move apps to external memory
Some apps can be moved to external memory, to do that you can:
Go to setting --> app --> choose apps that you want to move --> click storage --> and change the storage location
If this option does not show up, you can go to development option -->  go to force allow apps on external.
Remember, only move apps that do not use many process on the background to avoid misbehave or crash.
4. Check you downloaded file
Downloaded files often end up on internal memory where; regardless on what apps you choose, most of it will dump it to internal memory.
You will get alert notifocation if you want to download files larger than your current internal memory. But, if the smartphone or apps offer to choose default location, you can choose to save it on external memory, if not, you can find another apps that have the choices.
 Always check your downloaded files, it seems not so important at first time, but when the space is limited, you will face failure download.
We have additional suggestions for you, you can buy some accessories that let you transfer it to USB or other external device.

If you have questions, we love to read your comments.

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