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7 Best Smartphone Accessories You should Own

Accessories in smartphone has been becoming crucial things. It is not only benefit the smartphone itself to cover its weakness, but also helps user to boost their smartphone capability. Many products then hugely appear their own exclusive and non-exclussive product to accommodate user's demand.
Here we provide information of important smartphone accessories you should own for your smartphone.

1. Portable Charger (Power Bank)
A portable charger is very important to smartphone which could revive your smartphone more often compared to one time charge. As smartphone becomes something necessary to our daily activity, we must prevent the battery to not running out of charge. Rather than keep switching the smartphone onto low battery mode, or turning the brightness down to keep the smartphone alive, which way more time consuming.
we recommend you to use your original USB cable, as it is more compatible and prevent overcharging.

2. Smartphone Hardcase
It will break your heart more cruelly then your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating  when you drop your smartphone and get a crack on the screen when you pick it up.
A hardcase will be your guardian angel to protect your smartphone from unwanted damage anytime and anywhere you go; from walking downtown, or even going on diving, it will keep your smartphone secure and protected.
So, go get it, and maybe you want to drop on your smartphone to check how it works!

3. OTG and Flashdrive
Flashdisk is well-known as  accessories to computer, but--now we could access flashdisk from our smartphone by using OTG. By using OTG, flashdrive could be an alternative media storage to save data, and whenever you are far away from your PC or computer, now it's easy to access your data anywhere and anytime. Moreover, there is also a flashdrive with large storage and microUSB-sized connection which could directly connected to your smartphone without OTG.
OTG is cheap, but it brings many benefit for you

4. Waterproof Phone Case
Waterproof phone case will be one of many smartphone accessories you should put on your list. It will protect your smartphone from drowning in water, and helps you to take clearer photos and videos underwater without removing your smartphone from its case.
Things you should notice when buying a waterproof phone case;  comparing the design, the lock-zip safety, and the touch-sensitivity.
Keep your smartphone securely from various adventures by using waterproof phone case!

5. Portable Keyboard
Smartphone ability has gotten so powerful to serve as if it is a computer. One of the serve that previously mostly applied in computer; typing, now smartphone can do that.
Typing in smartphone nowadays becomes more easier as come mini, bluetooth-based keyboards that bring forward the use of touch-based keyboards.
Mostly bluetooth keyboards come with bounding battery and expensive prize, but don't worry, if bluetooth keyboards are too expensive in your pocket, you could also connect your computer keyboard to your smartphone using OTG. Just plug and play the keyboard USB through OTG before you connect it to the smartphone.
Enjoy typing from your smartphone!

6. Game Controller
If you have this accessory, you shouldn't be afraid of getting lame on your spare time because you could use this Game Controller to play games and some other supported apps.
It's very easy to connect the Game Controller with your smartphone if it comes with bluetooth.
Enjoy your  games and play together with your friends!

7. Selfie Sticks: Monopod, Tripod & Stand Holder
Sharing activities through photos, videos and gifs on timeline and show those activities to your friends, that's how selfie show that we are stay up to date. With selfie sticks, you could see bigger landscape, and it also come with different style, design and variety of add-ons.
Selfie sticks have evolved throughout this years, it now also has bluetooth feature, so you could easily take perfect shot only with one click  button.
Let's grab your stick, and take a selfie

That's all 7 important smartphone accessories you should own for your daily activities.

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