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How to Set Up a New Smartphone for Beginner

Nowadays smartphone becomes an important stuff. It helps people a lot during their daily activity.
Trying to accommodate the user needs, many smartphone developers competes each other to bring their best smartphone, using brand new features and apps.
Even so, there still some people have found the difficulties to use that technologies. On this case, we gladly have some guides to set new smartphone for the first time.
Here, some first things you can set on a new smartphone.

1. Replacement of the SIM card
Some smartphone has bundle of SIM card, nevertheless some countries have tight regulations related with that. It is best to stick on your old SIM card, and the smartphone has different shape of SIM, such as Micro or Nano, you could call your SIM costumer services to convert it. It will free in most cases.
Every smartphone has their own way to insert SIM card, we recommend you to ask the seller first.
Don’t be afraid of asking help.
2. Turn on the device
After the SIM card is placed in, you could turn the device on by pushing the power button. Sometimes the power button is placed on the flank (left/right) side of the smartphone.
Push the button little bit longer, and wait until the startup screen comes up. Wait, and few seconds later you would meet the home screen of the smartphone.
be patience, for the first time, it will takes several steps to reach the home screen.
3. Swipe the lock screen
Some features have already set by the developer which starts working on when the device is activated such as lock screen feature. When you don't use the smartphone, automatically it would lock itself and turned the screen off.  You just need to swipe the lock screen aside to get back to the home screen again.
Each smartphones has different unlock method but they all have similarities.
4. Know the important apps
There are some bundled apps already installed in the smartphone (which come from the developer of the smartphone). Those apps are; messages, calls, mails, and etc.
Meanwhile, there are some apps that not really useful to you. You can ask your friends whether is good or bad.
You could find references on Internet which ones you have to keep.
5. Enable 'Find My Phone,' Feature. 
During the setup process in the smartphone based with Android and IOS, make sure to activate the 'Find My Phone,' because this feature will help to locate the phone if it’s stolen or, perhaps, lost somewhere along the street.
This feature is important. Don’t miss it and you will not regret it.
After all, we hope guide to set a new smartphone would helpful for you.

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