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How RAM in Android actually work?

At this moment, android is the most popular operation system on smartphone. There many product developer and manufacture create their own Android phone and operating system, but do you really know that Android smartphone has its specialty in handling some components such as RAM?

As user, we sometimes suspect something bad happening to our smartphone whenever it comes lagging and not responding, which forces us to push power button to shut it down directly. But, then, the same problem still comes again, and the question comes; why?

For your information, RAM might become a suspect to your problem because RAM is very important in doing multi-tasking programs, and when it is full, it tends to make your Android runs slower than it used to. We have to know that Android do not run like windows or other operating system. With windows, you can run multiple application at once. If you want to stretch your RAM, you simply start closing some apps. However, in Android, you can’t do the same because it happens automatically. So, you will not see a close button in Android.

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But, why Android makes this step? Before we start digging answer, we have to understand that Android is operating system focusing on mobile user, which sometimes they don’t have much time to click close and need an operating system that simple and efficient.

Android will automatically close application which we don’t use anymore, but some application tend to stick on RAM memory because they need to push notification. Application such as chat, email, and social media, need to run in background so they will inform you any update or message from your friend, relatives, or family, as soon as possible.

Android also works with offload app data from system RAM, so we can open a couple application on the same screen, but it is requires little bit more RAM. If you don’t want to slow down your smart phone, you have to smart in choosing application that you want to install. You can see their process from running services. However, because of Android has many type, the easiest way to find running services is by search button on settings menu. If you are in Android 7.0 or above, you can simply type “running services” and click the result.

Moreover, we like to give you suggestions to carefully choose apps that tend to use background processes such as chat application, social media, and some games. The more you have many notifications, the more RAM will be consumed.
Remember, become smart user will help you maintain your smart phone.

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