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How Much RAM You Need in Your Smartphone?

RAM or Random Access Memory has a crucial part on a smartphone. It would affect the smartphone in handling data to do multitasking, as smartphone has many background processes. Ram works to maintain each individual application which run on smartphone.

Nowadays, using smartphone that has huge amount of RAM is a must. User is rarely focus one application at a time, even when they play game, Smartphone tend to still receive notification from another application. This is a fact that has more RAM, will be benefit to user who have more applications or receive more notifications.
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However, we have to know that more ram will cost more money in smartphone or even the prize sometimes consider “overprize.” Now, here come another question, "how much ram we actually need?" Because if we are limited in budget, we have to calculate everything carefully.
This article, we will give you tips on RAM you need to have, so you will not buy an overprize product, and suitable for your everyday life.

Some smart phone with low price, which still has 1GB RAM in their machine, it because the product developer focuses on the quantity of sale. If you consider to buy this type of smart phone, you have to be sure to yourself that you only use this phone to chat, social media, and call, or maybe some application which consider “lite” version. This type of smart phone fit with people who use their smart phone in simple way like the way “a phone” itself.
chat, social media, and call, I know you like that.

This size come on medium range of prize phone. You can play some medium until hard game such as Mobile Legend: Bang Bang! When you choose this type of smartphone. But remember, if you push to have many apps running on background, you would meet some laggy when playing game.
It is still the best choice if you want to buy smart phone with not expensive but still flexible to do multi-tasking starts from social media, gaming, and other daily activity.
Having limit on the budget doesn't mean that we have to cut off everything to get the standard level of smartphone.
If you are a hardcore gamer, and most of the time, you spend your smartphone to play game, this size of memory is fit with you. However if you are on budget; just use it in regular use such as chat, social media, or call, we recommend you to choose 2GB RAM instead because this phone usually consume more battery, and it is quick to get high tempered.
If you have planning to have a nice, stable, and smooth performance when playing games for next few years, we recommend, at least, to find smartphone with more than 4 GB RAM.
Do totality to show that gaming is part of your life.

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