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How to Make Your Smartphone Faster Part 1

To stay on track in daily activity; dropping for several hundred, or even thousand dollars on a high-end, smooth and speedy performance smartphone is something necessary.

However, without good habit or knowledge, damage could crash on your smartphone which caused of some bad applications you might accidentally have installed, or even some minor things such as trouble in the internal memory which you probably miss it. Here we will give several tips to exchange your smartphone to reach the best performance.

1. Make sure your device is up to date
The latest software update which provides by some phone developer are not always about new features, it also contains general improvements and bug fixes that can significantly help your smartphone to run better. It actually comes regularly through your notification, but if you accidentally have turned off, you can go to Settings > about device > Software update and check for updates.
Remember to always check the update and do not leave those system updates hanging.

2. Free up some space
All photos you've taken and the apps you’ve installed sometime left caches on your phone.  First of all, the caches should be deleted. This action is needed if your smartphone is running low on space, because it could affect the performance itself.

If you have bunch of photos in internal memory, just clear up some of photos or back it up, and uninstall some application you do not need. However you can try this method, but it sometimes does differently according to your smartphone type, but it always come in same procedure:  Go to setting > Storage > tap Cached Data > accept to perform clear data.
Free up as much space as possible.

3. Close down apps and free up RAM
Do multi-tasking several apps on smartphone makes it easy to switch on between different apps as quick as possible, but it can also affect to the performance.

Hold on the home button to see apps which are running in background, or tap left or right button, according to your smartphone type, and then close by swiping away any apps you want to exit.
 Terminating those unused apps and freeing up RAM will help to make smartphone run faster.

Stay tune to next tips in this blog, we will keep updating it.

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